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     If you pass or fail a society by how it treats senior citizens and the vulnerable, 'On My Mother’s Behalf' warns of an impending failing grade in our context of an aging population.

     Cynthia Jonasson and her family invite us into the story of her mother, Grace. The facts and horrors of neglect, abuse, and irresponsibility at the hands of those charged as caregivers and public servants powerfully tugs at the heart and hope for justice and compassion that beats inside each of us.

     I thank God for Cynthia’s courage in exposing the tragic inconvenience that we have made of our seniors. I pray that this story will help us confront and change our attitudes and actions so that, at the very least, we will begin to work toward a passing grade where honouring and caring for our seniors are concerned. 

Rev. Greg Fraser - The Father’s House Christian Fellowship


What people are saying:

     The story of Cynthia and Beth and their lovely mother Grace is heart-breaking.  All were betrayed by a health care system – and ultimately the politicians – in whom their trust was rightfully reposed.  Cynthia’s and Beth’s loving efforts to help their mother were at best met with indifference, or at worst, with hostility and dishonesty.
     I applaud Cynthia and Beth for having the courage to speak up.  Tragically, their story is not unique.  All too often, family members who refuse to accept the neglect or abuse of their loved-ones are isolated or branded as trouble-makers. 
     This book is a powerful reminder to all of us of our obligations to raise our voices, and to be actively involved in the care of those we love.  And it is a tender testament to the enduring power of love. 

Allan Garber -  Lawyer

On My Mother's Behalf

A Daughter's Story

Spruce Grove Examiner Review July 29:

"While I have heard and read many stories over the past several years from Albertans suffering the consequences of a neglected and misguided system, I had no idea what I was getting into until I started turning the pages..." 

Joel French - Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta

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     Change comes one moment at a time, one person at a time. “The System” is like the titanic and this book has challenged me to look at how committed I am to “be the change” I seek to see. Will I turn a blind eye or will I stand for righteousness and truth.   

     Each person that is part of this story had a choice to make and every choice had an impact. A selfish choice or a sacrificial choice - either way we stand to ask ourselves, how do I choose and do I realize the affects my choices have on those around me.

     I pray this book inspires us to truly look in the mirror and no matter what the question....choose to serve sacrificially despite the odds and the benefit to ourselves. It is only when we truly believe there is a selfless way to live...and act on it that the Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven!

     Thanks to Cynthia and Beth and their belief that they can choose differently, many seeds are sown and lives will be changed. Never give up! God's plan will be revealed in all its Glory! 

Jocelyn Hansen - National Coordinator, Fusion Canada

StAlbert Gazette Review, June 22: