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On My Mother's Behalf

A Daughter's Story

     No one expects to spend his or her senior years in long term care, private care or any care for that matter. Unfortunately, the fact remains that you or someone you love will be in care. You will experience ‘the System’ in one form or another.
     This is an account of my journey through a system that has lost its compassion and where indifference is pervasive. A system, which warehouses our seniors with little regard to their quality of life,  routinely denies basic medical care expediting their deaths and keeps families in fear of speaking out. Private care attempts to plunder and pillage with blatant disregard to the impact on seniors and their families. Respect and dignity are pipe dreams.
     I hope 'On My Mother's Behalf' acts as a ‘canary in the coal mine’. The clock is ticking and we must act before we become victims ourselves.