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On My Mother's Behalf 

A Daughter's Story

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March 14, 2012

Public Interest Alberta

February, 2012

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     What would you do if you could no longer care for your mother and after placing her in a long term care facility, you found her being neglected and abused? More importantly, what could  you do?

     'On My Mother's Behalf' is the story behind the headlines as a daughter chronicles her struggle with a health care system that fails our seniors.

     Many families continue to suffer in a system that puts politics and profit above all else. ‘On My Mother’s Behalf’ is one family's story, but sadly, it is not unique.

Follow the story behind the headlines:

  • blackmail;
  • top political leaders ‘washing their hands’ of the situation, while other leaders wanting a front row seat;
  • politicians debating her private care eviction in the legislature;
  • nearly being thrown in jail;
  • lawyers holding back disclosure;
  • witnessing their mother's neglect and abuse by those entrusted to her care;
  • and government watchdogs unwilling to fulfil their mandate.

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St. Albert Gazette Review, June 22:

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